YELO Mask Adjuster


  • Adjustment of solder mask ring, overhang, mask to mask, solder web 
  • Via handling to adjust existing or create new solder mask openings 
  • Different values for different mask opening types (SMD, BGA, Component, Via, ...)
  • Comfortable GUI
  • Fast settings via parameter sets
  • Optional equalization of copper surface areas in case some of the solder pads are embedded in copper 
  • Optional limitation of solder paste flow on tracks Combine different jobs on one panel 
  • Optional: Tombstone and Solder Escape Prevention


  • Most comprehensive Mask Adjuster 
  • Unrivaled adjustment scope 
  • Fully automated 
  • Improvement of mask for the assembly process 
  • Prevent solder starvation 
  • Block shorts 
  • Meet your customers requirements

Merge SMD mask openings



Undo functionality



Create openings for non-plated holes


Handling fiducials