YELO Legend Adjuster

Legend ink on copper pads results in unreliable boards, clipping results in unreadable texts, PCB height differences cause
ink bleeding, etc. To counter these issues, we have developed YELO Legend Adjuster, as a part of the 'Yield Enhancing Layout Optimizer' package.

YELO Legend Adjuster features automatic text/non-text identification, comprehensive text placement checks and dedicated, easy-to-use tools to adjust the size and the position of texts, hassle-free.


  • Split view for text and non-text elements
  • Select/Deselect by using left/right mouse button
  • Backup layer provided when data is changed
  • Pre-defined parameter sets
  • Dedicated, easy-to-use tools for making text adjustments:
    • Real-time verification during manual text modification
    • Distance limitation for fast and easy text repositioning
    • Text scaling with automatic line width adjustment
    • Guided word area view
  • Automatic text identification
  • Silk DRC to locate clearance issues to drill, mask or copper
  • Move texts to better suiting positions
  • Resize entire component frames
  • Clipping objects still violating the specified values


  • Fully automatic text and frame modifications
  • Improving readability of legends to meet customer requirements
  • Slash setup-time using parameter sets
  • Comfortable and easy-to-use GUI
  • Time saving tools for text modifications