YELO Copper Adjuster


  • Partial track move
  • Expand Ring to Optimum and Shave partially to Minimum
  • Remove small regions
  • Different ring sizes for different hole typesMech. Via, Laser Via, Component and Mechanical
  • Via pad stack Move
  • Split up SNS threshold according to the object type of the involved objects
  • Parallelizing Copper Adjuster Process
  • Repair for plated slots
  • Same net spacing (SNS) check now can run with one general threshold or more detailed with different thresholds depending on the type of involved objects
  • Removal of Non-functional pads on inner layers


  • Eliminates manual steps
  • Accept more challenging PCB designs
  • Improve board layouts in minutes
  • Cut your CAM time by up to 30%
  • Deliver more reliable PCBs
  • Lower production costs on every batch

•Cut your CAM time by up to 30%