Web Input Automation


  • Automated input of job archives (ZIP, RAR, etc …) into Integr8tor
  • Single data-entry directory on the Integr8tor server, configured to receive incoming job archives accompanied by a job-specific .xjd file
  • An .xjd is an XML file containing the customer name, job archive location and all default custom parameters with which the archive is to be processed (solder mask colour, surface finish, thickness…)
  • The WebIntegr8tor folder is scanned permanently for incoming .xjb files
  • Dropping an .xjb file in the WebIntegr8tion folder triggers Integr8tor to process the associated job archive and apply the requested custom parameters fully automatically


  • Automation - 24/7 unattended job submits to Integr8tor
  • Integration – Preeminent system for tying Integr8tor in with a company internet web portal, opening a world of new possibilities for real-time customer feedback or on-line quotation service
  • Promptness - Archives are passed onto Integr8tor without delay – no delays caused by operators being tied up with something else
.xjd sample file
Integr8tor Web Integr8tion setup