• Advanced and versatile module for adding material information to the layer stackup
  • Support for all common material families to build rigid, flex, HDI and flex-rigid boards:
    • Cores
    • Prepregs
    • Flex Cores
    • BondPly
    • Coverlays Adhesives
    • Stiffeners
    • Phantom material
    • ...
  • Custom-definable material library – linkable to your current material management system
  • Embedded stackup documentation and print module
  • Support for multiple stackups per job to model complex flex-rigid stackups
  • Symmetrical and non-symmetrical stackups supported
  • Post-lamination board thickness calculation based on the true copper percentage of the various layers in the board
  • Calculates and verifies aspect ratio
  • On-the-fly stackup DRC checks to safeguard against sub-optimal stackup designs


  • Easy-to-use and intuitive tool for creating even the most complex of stackups
  • Very short learning curve
  • Material and stackup information available in Integr8tor QED data for a more accurate price estimation
  • Professionally-looking stackup documentation – printed or in PDF – is a valued add-on to the customer’s quotation bundle
  • Very accurate prediction of the final board thickness
  • Resin starvation DRCs and alarms for non-symmetrical material usage prevent improperly designed stackups from arriving on the shop floor and help reduce scrap rates
  • Material and stackup information is transferred seamlessly to the UcamX CAM job output from Integr8tor – No repeated or duplicated stackup work during CAM
  • Bi-directional, 100% compatible link with Polar Instruments’ software modules for adding and calculating impedance structures