UcamX WE (Workflow Edition)


  • Full-blown graphical editor for addressing any issues in the incoming data
  • Directly accessible from within Cockpit
  • Provides high-end editing tools to
    • Add a missing outline to a job or correct a faulty one
    • Register low-info or highly symmetrical layers manually in case the automatic layer registration was inaccurate
    • Set the correct layer polarity
    • Eliminate duplicate layers from the job stackup
    • Add gold mask or peel-off layers to the job that are not available in the customer archive
    • Merge split layers together (e.g. 1 layer with pads – 1 layer with traces to make for 1 physical copper layer)
    • Read in the odd legacy Gerber data set that still comes with old-school aperture lists
    • Examine netcompare errors reported by the AutoReference option


  • Accuracy: adding missing vital information to the Integr8tor job (outline, gold-plated areas, ...) provides for the most accurate analysis and quotation data
  • Efficiency:
    • Resolve data inconsistencies “on-line” in Integr8tor, without having to take the job off-line to a CAM engineer. A job with an issue continues its flow within minutes
    • UcamX WE is floating. Use it from any Cockpit on the network
    • UcamX WE uses a private set of licenses - no interference with the pool of licenses for your CAM department
  • Cost-effictiveness:UcamX WE comes free of charge as part of and for the duration of your maintenance contract
  • Ease-of-use: UcamX WE comes with a very intuitive and customizable user interface and requires a very short learning curve