UcamX v2022.09

UcamX v2022.09

We proudly present the latest version of our groundbreaking CAM software for Rigid, Flex and HDI PCBs.

Upgrade now to enjoy all the exciting new functionality!


Extensions to
YELO Mask Adjuster

Electrical Test

Test Point Generation


Standardized for ucam.db and ucam.properties

YELO Mask Adjuster


  • Functionality to merge SMD mask openings
                Automatically handle denser boards

  • Undo on Mask Adjuster actions
                Easy usage

  • Create mask openings on non-plated holes
                Reduce manual labor

  • Functionality to handle fiducials
                Add the attribute “uFlashType: FiducialPad” on fiducials
                -> YELO Mask Adjuster does the rest

  • Converter for parameter-sets from old to the new Mask Adjuster available
                please contact us at support@ucamco.com

    (Upgrade free of charge for users under maintenance with the Soldermask Optimizer license)

Merge SMD mask openings

New option to handle fiducials


Electrical test 


  • Optimized testpoint generation for long pads
               Less manual work

    (Free of charge for users under maintenance with the corresponding license)



  • New defaults in ucam.db
               More standard settings available / less intervention of Ucamco support

    (Free of charge for users under maintenance)

List of additional default settings:



  • New settings in Ucam.properties file
               Predelivered, most commonly used settings as default 

    (Free of charge for users under maintenance )

List of additional settings:

Excellon 2 


  • Optimized NC file input, reading aperture and file attributes
               More information transferred from CAD automatically

    (Free of charge for users under maintenance with the corresponding license)





  • Vastly improved Auto Format
               Automatic format detection in many more cases

    (Free of charge for users under maintenance with the corresponding license)


And more ...

UcamX v2022.09 comes with a host of fixes for issues you have cared to report.

Please keep on doing so. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

Thank you

The major open issues are listed in the file Open_Issues_yymmdd.txt in the version folder of the FTP sites. This is important information. Please monitor these issues.

Install v2022.09

The installer can be downloaded from the Ucamco FTP download server.
We recommend that you use an FTP client to do so, as most browser no longer support FTP.

We recommend installing this update at your earliest convenience.

For any further questions you may have, please contact our local business partner
or the Ucamco helpdesk.

We thank you for choosing a Ucamco product.

Detailed demo

The video below provides a more technical, in-depth look at the newest version of UcamX. Click play to start the video, or watch it directly on our YouTube channel