UcamX v2021.04

UcamX v2021.04

We proudly present the latest version of our Ground Breaking CAM Software for Rigid, Flex and HDI PCB’s.

We've added features and enhancements.

Netlist Extension

Resource conserving 

YELO modules extensions

New extensions to our high end YELO modules

And much more

Read below for more Enhancements and features



Resource conserving update of net #numbers of test-, mid- and probe-layers, corresponding to the newly calculated netlist information

( Additions to existing Netlist license)



  • Ring faults for plated slots are reported and repaired
  • Mechanical via holes can be expanded to fulfill the min. hole size requirement
  • Plane adjustments optimizes bridge cuts into the contour to prevent unnecessary pads
  • A new option to exclude text.
    All electrical nets that do not contain any pads are considered as text
  • Improved GUI for better handling by using tab pages
  • Updated ring parameters. 4 new adjustment parameters to check slots to a dedicated ring parameter

YELO Legend Adjuster


  • The Adjust tab contains a new option to scale all texts in one go on all active layers by a certain factor.
  • It always preserves the minimum line width.

Not enough space to move the text -> text will be shaved

No shave necessary after scaling text

YELO Mask Adjuster (Beta)


  • Due to the great feedback in the first trial period, the trial is extended for this release
  • Added option to remove existing mask openings for vias
  • Clearance to outline and overhang implemented

Removing soldermask from outline while ensuring mask overhang Example: traces

Removing soldermask from outline while ensuring mask overhang Example: region 
  • Expanded functionality for adjustment of via openings to the middle of the annular ring between hole and copper pad
  • Outline handling of cut-outs and inner rout implemented
  • Rings for non-plated slots were added to Mask Adjuster. It handles these the same way as non-plated holes
(Available to customers under maintenance and with the existing Soldermask Optimizer license)

Via opening in relation to the via pad

Via opening in relation to the via hole

Via opening in the middle of the annular ring

Secure Etch Compensation

File size reduction

    Boost the speed of file handling with the new option to reduce object count for clearance draws by replacing chains of draws

    A new ‘Finalize’ option and a check box ‘Auto Finalize’ have been added to the SEC GUI to prevent negative objects

    -‘Finalize’ to run netlist and expand true objects on active layers manually

    -Checked ‘Auto Finalize’ will run automatically at the end of ‘Apply’ to eliminate the negative clearance draws

Before Changes
With Finalize
With replacing chains of draws

Ledia output

New Hotfolder solution

  • Be able to send data to expose on the Ledia machine without taking care of the CU9000 software version
  • UcamX is completely independent of CU9000, it is not sending data directly to the Ledia RIP but is always sending data to CU9000 via hotfolder

(New option, available free of charge to customers under maintenance with the existing “Dainippon Screen DI Output” license)

ODB++ Output


    ODB++ output is correctly handling the scale factor allocated to a block aperture definition. This scale factor was previously ignored during ODB++ output

(Addition to existing CAD Output ODB++)

Install v2021.04

The installer can be downloaded from the Ucamco FTP download server. As most internet browsers have stopped supporting FTP download, we recommend that you use an FTP client to do so.

We recommend installing this update at your earliest convenience.

For any further questions you may have, please contact our local business partner or the Ucamco helpdesk.

We thank you for choosing a Ucamco product.

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