TP Viewer


  • Simultaneous inspection of test points on both sides
  • Editing of test points for the current net number includes:
    adding, deleting and converting between endpoints and intermediate points
  • Browse test points one by one manually or automatically
  • Elaborate solder mask opening view
  • Enhanced marking of test points
  • Partial screenshots of the specified network number, partial location map, batch screenshots
  • Single network auto scaling
  • Shortcut key control for main buttons


  • Time saving tool to validate program correctness
  • Improve test efficiency
  • Striking methods to browse, analyse and view nets through multiple layers
  • Quickly grasp the location of the test point
  • One-click to output screenshots
    Create a file for the screenshot of the bad measurement point and provide it to the analysis yield or slicing unit
  • Ensure the correctness of the quality of the PCB after electrical testing