Soldermask Checker

The new Soldermask Checker allows the user to determine more potential soldermask issues in the layout compared to using DRC checks only.
The results can be used for repairs, modifications of the soldermask or easily for further usage e.g. in scripts.
Definition of different parameter sets makes it fast and easy to check different technology levels.
This feature is licensed but free of charge for our customers with a maintenance contract.Please contact to extend your license. 

Mask Web

Different results for Mask Web (distance between SMD’s) and the Clearance Mask to Mask instead of only Clearance Mask to Mask

Copper Overhang

Overlapping of Soldermask on copper regions

SMDefined pads

Ring mask to pad for SMDefined pads Overlapping of Soldermask on copper at Soldermask defined pads.