Parallel Processing

Functional overview

  • Parallel Processing (PP): UcamX’ ability to divide a single software task between several CPUs of a workstation.
  • Multiple Ucam software engines running in parallel on different CPUs in background. Note that the number of parallel processes is a licensed option.
  • Available in a variety of Parallel Processing modes.
  • Dedicated Parallel Processing installer section.
  • Scalable to match current and future hardware configurations and performance level required.

Splitting tasks

  • Current-day processor technology is towards multiple CPUs working in parallel on a workstation rather than increasing processor speed.
  • UcamX core software engine rewritten to take advantage of this hardware trend.
  • Processor-intensive algorithms completely redesigned to be able to address multiple CPUs.
    • Intensive number-crunching CAM tasks finish more quickly
    • Operator waiting time for functions to complete significantly reduced
    • Overall throughput is increased

Multiple engines running in parallel in background

  • At UcamX startup one single engine is started.
  • When in need for extra calculating power, main engine can start up auxiliary engines and delegates the work to be done (WP1, WP2, … WPn).
  • When finished, auxiliary engine returns its result to main engine.
  • When all auxiliary engines finish, main engine makes the final results available in UcamX.
    • Completely transparent in use.
    • User continues to operate his software the way he has always done.
    • No need for extra operator training.

Modes and UcamX Installer

  • To match UcamX to its hardware, different Parallel Processing modes are available:
    • PP1 for legacy 32 bit systems – no parallel processsing functionality.
    • PP2, PP3, PP4,… licensed add-on high-performance parallel processing modes for 64 bit systems with multiple cores.
  • UcamX installer allows to install up to 3 different Parallel Processing modes, resulting in multiple UcamX startup icons after installation.
  • UcamX startup window and title bar reports the PP+ mode is being used.
    • Legacy 32 bit hardware usable with UcamX.
    • No hardware investment required.

Scalability and Performance

  • Higher PP modes yield higher performance. Benchmark test results included.
  • No software-imposed limit on the maximum number of Parallel Processes.
  • Currently practical ceiling set to PP32.
  • Ready to grow with changing needs and hardware developments