Multi-Job Dynamic Panel Optimizer - MDPO


  • Client application for creating PDF assembly panel drawings
  • Allows the design of single-job (same PCB) as well as multi-job (different PCBs) assembly panels
  • Calculates several assembly panel layouts and sizes and reports the panel usage for each of them
  • Automatically dimensions sizes and spaces on the panel drawing
  • Visualizes assembly panel tooling holes and fiducial locations
  • Connects live to the Integr8tor job queue to pick up the jobs required to go onto the assembly panel
  • Combines the PCB outline and legend layers for clear visualization and easy recognition

  • Full-scale interactive functionality to finetune chosen panel layout if needed
    • Increase/decrease clearance
    • Move/Copy
    • Rotate
    • Delete
    • Flip
    • Distribute evenly
    • Align
    • Bump

  • Includes a convenient PDF report listing the various PCBs on the assembly panel and the consolidated panel design minima.

  • Outputs the assembly panel drawing in DPF format for further use with UcamX’ dimensioning tool in case additional call-outs or instructions are required


  • Avoid costly mistakes or misunderstandings by including a clear assembly panel drawing and report with your quotation
  • Reduce material costs by selecting the optimum assembly panel size from the list Multi-Job Dynamic Panel Optimizer has calculated for you
  • Speed up assembly panel design and documentation dramatically thanks to the high degree of automation and an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface
  • Design consistent and high-quality assembly panels automatically, regardless of the operator’s skill levels
  • Always use the correct assembly panel creation parameters for an individual customer by storing and retrieving his settings to a panel setup library