Load Balanced Session

Functionality overview

  • Load Balanced Session: UcamX’ ability to open multiple jobs simultaneously AND have access to all UcamX functionality.
  • Parallel Processing capabilities available in all LBS member sessions.
  • Crunching power from the PP+ license transparently floats between LBS member sessions dynamically.
  • High visibility: LBS member sessions are started from dedicated desktop icon and marked differently than regular UcamX session.
  • High availability: every new UcamX seat comes with LBS license.
  • High accessibility: LBS is a true floating license taken when the need arises and made available for other operators again when it finishes.

Usage and visibility

  • Start regular UcamX session from UcamX PP+ icon on the desktop: 
  • UcamX displays its PP information in the title bar: 
  • Return to desktop to add Load Balanced Session using dedicated UcamX Add Session icon: 
  • An LBS session is created with 2 members.
  • Both members display their modified PP mode and LBS membership in title bars:  and 
  • Both members are equal in functionality and PP capabilities. If Parallel Processing is required, either session can take it. UcamX will use a maximum of 7 CPUs
  • Closing either session restores the original PP mode in the remaining one

  • Multiple Sessions may be added to the group, decrementing the group’s PP mode by 1 with each additional session.
  • When PP1 is reached new sessions may still be added to the group, but none of its members has Parallel Processing capabilities.
  • Multiple groups can co-exist
    • Easy to use: Load Balanced Session is a floating license like all other UcamX options
    • Fully flexible: All session members have equal possibilities – Multiple sessions possible
    • High performance: All UcamX functionality from any session whether simple edit or intensive netlist calculation