Integr8tor v2023.01

Integr8tor v2023.01

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Additions and extensions

Job Queue

Agile handling

System check-up

Performance and security

Yellow solder mask color

QED additions and extensions

  • Option yellow added to list solder mask colors
  • Supported from Cockpit / Email / Hotfolder / Web integration input
  • With QED PDF pictures and documentation
  • Perfect companion for the coverlay on your flex-rigid products

(Available free of charge to customers with a Cockpit/Email submit/Hotfolder submit or Web Integration input license)

Plated/non-plated/backdrill-to-copper clearance analysis

QED additions and extensions

  • Plated/non-plated/backdrill-to-copper minimum clearance values drill-down
  • Individual minima for drill holes versus pads/traces/regions
  • “Overall” column with the lowest minimum across different feature types
  • Extended Summary Copper Layer Minima section in QED PDF to accommodate extra info
  • Conditional-formatting enabled
  • Additional snapshots in the Detailed images section
  • Indispensable aid to help judge about repairability of tight clearance issues in CAM

(Free-of-charge extension to the AutoAnalysis license)

Conditional formatting

QED additions and extensions

  • Number of cells supported under conditional formatting vastly increased

  • Now available for entire Copper Summary section, including all newly added cells for drill-to-copper clearance minima
  • Additionally, a further wide selection of existing cells throughout the report, based on “popular demand”
  • Check out the file QedConditionalFormatting.example_mm.xml, located under WEB-INF\setups\system for full details and “how-to” instructions
  • Ideal tool for catching critical values in the blink of an eye 

(Free-of-charge extension to the AutoAnalysis license)

Agile job queue handling

  • Ability to change the priority of a scheduled job or a job waiting to be processed

  • Avoids having to abort jobs and resubmit them with a lower priority
  • Added scheduler functionality to allow Job Abort, even at high polling intervals
  • Combines into a nice convenience to reshuffle jobs manually in case of unforeseen imminent deadlines

(Free-of-charge extension to the Cockpit user license)

Performance and security

  • Legend layer analysis heavily optimized to better deal with awkwardly constructed logos
  • Cases witnessed with up to 80% reduction of the processing time
  • Designs with large portions of the outer layers uncovered by solder mask now require only a fraction of the processing time needed before

  • Built-in Image Compare functionality to watchdog the integrity of the Rebuilt job export
  • Significant improvements to the outline recognition algorithm
  • Extensions to the layer naming and span recognition engines for regular and backdrill programs
  • Added naming recognition schemes for Gerber data sets
  • Contributes considerably to more automation, higher first-pass hit rates, and therefore reduced processing times

(Free-of-charge extensions to the AutoAnalysis license)
(The added security feature for the Rebuilt job assumes the presence of a Rebuilt job output license)

DPMX import

  • Added support for GlobalFiducial and LocalFiducial sections in incoming DPMX archives
  • Storage of fiducial information for further use downstream, e.g. in UcamX’ YELO Solder Mask Adjuster
  • Auto-correction of “non-standard” drill span description in certain DPMX files

(Free-of-charge extension to the DPMX import option)

And more ...

Integr8tor v2023.01 features an important series of code fixes for issues you have cared to report.

Please keep on doing so. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

Install v2023.01

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Ucamco helpdesk.

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Detailed demo

The video below provides a more technical, in-depth look at the newest version of Integr8tor. Click play to start the video, or watch it directly on our YouTube channel.  



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