Integr8tor v2022.06

Integr8tor v2022.06

The fast and most accurate AI and web-based Sales & Engineering solution

Upgrade now to v2022.06 to enjoy all the new and exciting functionalities!

Java 17 upgrade

Code patches and security updates

Gerber archives

New data handling capabilities

Customer Profiling

Configure modules in different ways

Java 17 upgrade

The most recent Long-Term Support Java version available

  • Java 17.0.2 is currently the most recent Long-Term Support (LTS) Java version available
  • It embeds the latest code patches and security updates, and with Premier Support from Oracle until September 2026 and Extended Support until September 2029, this will continue to be the case for many years to come
  • With a General Availability date from September 2021, it has gathered ample mileage to ensure adequate solidity and robustness

  • Same field-proven open Java 17 JDK distribution for Integr8tor and UcamX v2022.06
  • Maximum compatibility between the two packages and facilitates the task of those who take care of automation and inter-operability

            (Upgrade free of charge for users under the base Integr8tor framework license)

Gerber archives

New data handling capabilities

  • Added intelligence to differentiate between different layouts within a single zip file
  • More Gerber archives come with a single image as well as a (assembly) panel layout, separated in different folders within the zip
  • Better stack-up results, first-pass hit rates and processing time
  • When a combined single image and (assembly) panel archive is detected, the single continues its way into the Workflow engine while the panel is demoted and kept out of harm’s way
  • Substantial reduction of run-time of combined archives; less interactive work
  • Quality of analysis results improved immensely
  • Appropriate Input Remarks flag the presence of multiple data sets within the zip to the user

          (Free of charge extension for users with the Integr8tor AutoInput license)

Customer Profiling

Configure a number of software modules in different ways

  • Customer Profiling is an existing licensed Integr8tor option, allowing to configure a number of software modules in different ways, depending on purpose or customer

  • Six supported software modules:
    • Dynamic Panel Optimizer 
    • Layer renaming
    • Tooltables
    • Wheel files to steer DXF import
    • PanelConfig (new)
    • Conditional Formatting (new)
  • Ideal  for brokers and EMS companies for instance, who cooperate with a variety of fabricators, each with their own set of panel sizes and different levels of technical competence
  • The new panel configuration and conditional formatting options allow for easy visualization of the technical bottlenecks of a job for fabricator A, B or C or the panel yields of a board at fabricator X, Y or Z

          (Free of charge extension for users with the Integr8tor Customer Profiling license)

Performance optimization

Skip the conversion of non-eligible layers

  • The generation of PCB layer images for display in Cockpit > Job Editor > Layer Structure Editor is a highly CPU-intensive task. This used to increase the total processing time needlessly for drill drawings or other “informational” layers

  • Integr8tor v2022.06 optimizes this process by skipping the conversion of layers that are not eligible for display in Layer Structure Editor anyway
  • Noticeable time gains

          (Free of charge extension for users with the Integr8tor AutoAnalyzer license)

New Checkpoint version

Now also displays paste layers

  • Based on Java 17, in line with Integr8tor and UcamX
  • Now also displays paste layers, if available
  • The ability to visualize paste layers in combination with the rest of the PCB data makes a valuable asset, for instance to judge on paste layer requirement on boards with Via-in-Pad technology …

           (Free of charge extension for users with the Integr8tor Checkpoint license)

And more ...

Integr8tor v2022.06 comes with a host of fixes for issues you have cared to report.

Please keep on doing so. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

Thank you!

Install v2022.06

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Detailed demo

The video below provides a more technical, in-depth look at the newest version of Integr8tor. Click play to start the video, or watch it directly on our YouTube channel.  


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