Integr8tor v2021.12

Integr8tor v2021.12

The fast and most accurate AI and web-based Sales & Engineering solution

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Outline handling

Higher first-pass hit rates

QED report

Save time and workflow capacity


Addition of 'Modified' columns

Outline handling

Higher first-pass hit rates for jobs with low-quality outlines

  • Outlines in mechanical layers are often poorly constructed and require touching up, especially on the corners
  • New auto-trim function turns these poor outline candidates  into valid job outlines
  • This reduces “Outline To-do’s” significantly, yielding a higher first-pass QED hit rate

Outlines surrounded by frames

  • Improved outline recognition better filters out the correct PCB outline
  • Saves significantly on the sidesteps to UcamX to correct the outline layer

Automatic multiboard outline recognition

  • Outline detection picks up multiple boards within a single data layer, and assigns an individual outline to each of them
  • Less time is spent on creating a correct outline interactively
  • Truthful and recognizable QED pictures for complementing the customer quotation
  • Facilitates communications with your customer

           (Additions to AutoInput license)

QED report

Save time and workflow capacity

  • The QED Sequences section now has extra columns for Any Net vs. Different Net hole clearances, to assist engineering departments in selecting the base material with the proper thermal reliability and conductive anodic filament (CAF) properties 

  • Clearance plated-to-copper is further subdivided into plated-to-pad, plated-to-trace and plated-to-region, to help better assess the board’s "repairability" in CAM

  • New Copper Area break-down in Top, Bottom and Plated holes and routs, makes it easier to recalculate barrel surface areas off-line, without reprocessing the job

         (Additions to Integr8tor Quotation and Engineering Data license)


Addition of 'Modified' columns

  • Easy to trace who the last user was to edit a job, and when
  • Post-process consolidation of Estimated start time

    (Additions to Cockpit User license)  

DRC capabilities in UcamX WE

Extension to UcamX Workflow Engine functionality

  • Quickly run DRCs for layers that may not have been present in the archive yet
  • Saves you having to resubmit the job

    (Licensed, but free of charge for maintenance customers)

Net compare refinements

Shadow outlines excluded during netlist compare

  • Shadow outlines in the copper layer are excluded from netlist compare alarms when removed during Clean job output
  • Significant smaller margin of error

    (Additions to Clean job export license)

ODB++ output

Expansion of arcs in profile layers

  • New setting to expand arcs in a job's outline layer on the way out into an ODB++ profile

    (Additions to ODB++ output license)

Automatic layer stack-up enhancements

Extended naming convention and metadata recognition for unparalleled automatic input and layer stack-up

  • Support for DELTA naming convention

  • Support for IBM naming convention
  • Additional backdrill diameter identification

  • (Additions to AutoInput license)

Security and performance upgrades

Software vulnerabilities, cybercrime, ransomware attacks ... All have become a genuine concern in our connected way of living. 

Ucamco takes software security seriously. To live up to the confidence you put in our products, this release includes these third-party software upgrades under the hood:

  • cURL (64-bit) version 7.79.1
  • Tomcat version 8.5.73
  • 7zip version 21.07
  • Libreoffice (64-bit) version
  • Cockpit based on Adobe Air SDK v4.6.0 and signed with an Enhanced Validation Certificate (GlobalSign)

And more ...

Integr8tor v2021.12 comes with a host of fixes for issues you have cared to report.

Please keep on doing so. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

Thank you!

Install v2021.12

Integr8tor v2021.12 is now available for download from

It is the first customer release to install from our new Workflow Engine installer, a product designed to install any member of our Workflow Engine family of products, such as Integr8tor. The name of the installation program has changed accordingly to Workflow_Engine_v2021.12-220202.exe. Bear this in mind when you browse our download resources. Rest assured, many of the installation screens will look familiar. Just make sure to stay with the default Integr8tor product on this panel and all will be fine. Nothing changes license-wise.

Towards the end of the installation, a 'Cockpit update' notice will appear. The embedded Cockpit version in this release has been signed with a new GlobalSign Enhanced Validation certificate. Earlier Cockpit versions therefore need to be uninstalled and re-installed on the client computers. 

We recommend installing this update at your earliest convenience.

For any further questions you may have, please contact our local business partner or the
Ucamco helpdesk.

We thank you for choosing a Ucamco product.

Detailed demo

A demo video, providing a more technical, in-depth look at the newest version of Integr8tor, will be available soon. You are welcome to check back here, and/or to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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