Integr8tor v2021.04

Integr8tor v2021.04

The fast and most accurate AI and web-based Sales & Engineering solution

Upgrade now to v2021.04 to enjoy all the new and exciting functionalities!

Cut-out detection

Automatic detection and analysis

Java11 upgrade

Great for automation developers

Tomcat 8 Web Server

Helps your business thrive

Cut-out detection

Automatic detection

  • v2021.04 adds sophisticated analysis of all peripheral data in the archive to detect cut-outs
  • Cut-outs are added to the outline layer for analysis and CAM


Automatic analysis

  • Any cut-outs found are taken into account for QED analysis, e.g. clearance copper to outline

  • This catches design anomalies towards inner board edges at the quotation stage already, helping you to:

    • feedback problems to your customer timely

    • avoid precious loss of time during CAM

    • avoid potential scrap


Java11 upgrade

Great for automation developers

  • Integr8tor v2021.04 upgrades to Java11

  • Java11 is the most recent LTS (Long-Term Support) and field-proven Java release, with constant patches and security updates

  • Hence this major technology updated guarantees security for years to come

  • The open Java11 JDK distribution kit used in Integr8tor is exempt from usage fees or additional charges – a welcome benefit for the end user

  • As UcamX upgraded to Java11 in v2020.12 both Integr8tor and UcamX are now on the same footing – simplifying life for customers who develop automation encompassing both systems

Checkpoint/DFM Review

  • Oracle have abandoned the Java Web Start (JWS) technology, used to run Checkpoint/DFM Review on legacy 32-bit client computers
  • Therefore, from Integr8tor v2021.04 on, Checkpoint/DFM Review must be installed locally on a 64-bit client computer
  • As a result, the remote/local Checkpoint install option has been removed from Cockpit > Preferences > General :

  • Contact Customer Care if you need assistance migrating your system setup


Tomcat 8 Web Server

Helps your business thrive

  • Rock-solid web server technology is of paramount importance for workflow systems like Integr8tor
  • Makes users and systems communicate securely with each other, whether from a web page to a computer or from one computer to another
  • Latest and greatest in terms of functionality and security
  • With a track record of millions of companies running it day in day out to enable their businesses, it is now available in Integr8tor v2021.04 to help your business thrive and keep your systems at the forefront of technology


New capabilities

  • Custom parameters on the QED PDF in multiple languages, just like regular parameters
  • QED PDF Dynamic Panel Optimizer (DPO) additions
  • QED PDF Via in Pad additions
  • Unintended small openings in painted areas automatically removed
  • Stackup recognition improvements for CAM350/DFMstream archives
  • Recognition of CS and PS file naming conventions (Stackup)
  • Recognition of additional drill span naming schemes (Stackup)
  • Recognition of additional backdrill naming schemes (Stackup)


And more ...

Integr8tor v2021.04 comes with a host of fixes for issues you have cared to report.

Please keep on doing so. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

Thank you!

Detailed demo

A demo video, providing a more technical, in-depth look at the newest version of Integr8tor, will be available soon. You are welcome to check back here, and/or to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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