Integr8tor v2019.07

Integr8tor v2019.07

The fast and most accurate AI and web-based Sales & Engineering solution

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New web-based cloud service

QED Ring Analysis per tool function

QED Ring analysis values split up and reported separately


Miscellaneous improvements


What is it...?

  • A cloud service, offered by Ucamco
  • Providing a web-based platform for dynamically viewing PCB manufacturing data
  • And presenting the PCB’s blueprint to the end-user, the designer or anybody else involved in the process in a convenient and elegant way
  • With a direct link from Integr8tor
  • As a free-of-charge option for Integr8tor maintenance customers

Why would you want it...

  • PCB manufacturers often provide printed images of the individual layers in the PCB back to their customer, as a courtesy and to serve as a kind of “blueprint” of the board
  • Some customers may demand this as part of the standard quotation procedure
  • Existing Integr8tor option to output layer images is static and may not offer the required level of detail and information...


  • Provides dynamically viewable data, rather than static images
  • Features a direct link with Integr8tor for easy data uploads and managing job contacts

  • No special software installation required for viewing
  • Simple browser and secure account information is all it takes
  • Easy data access...
    • for Integr8tor users via a single click in Cockpit
    • for end-user from an Email link
  • Access through any browser-enabled device
    (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet,...)

  • Full job stackup with multiple layer display capabilities
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use layer display tools
  • Zooming and panning on any area of any layer of the board
    Various data display modes
    • filled
    • skeleton
    • outlined
  • Measuring tools and built-in query function
  • Freely choosable unit of measure


  • Includes the upload of Integr8tor QED PDF analysis reports and a PDF viewer plugin for on-line review by the end-user

How C8Inspect works…

The Integr8tor user (PCB Manufacturer)...

  • Goes to Cockpit > Preferences > C8Inspect and clicks “Register now”
  • This triggers a first-time on-line registration procedure with the Ucamco C8Inspect cloud service
  • After successful registration and confirmation he enters his C8Inspect account info in the Integr8tor Cockpit Preferences under C8Inspect

  • In Preferences > Output > QED Report (PDF), he defines one or more (extra) PDF reports and ticks “Add to C8Inspect” for automatic upload to C8Inspect along with the job data
  • From then on he can
    • upload jobs and associated report(s) from Integr8tor to the cloud
    • Invite new contact persons to become part of the C8Inspect community by adding their Email addresses in the on-line C8Inspect contact database
    • assign existing contact persons to jobs
      Clicking the new C8Inspect icon on the job Id line in Cockpit...
      uploads the job/report to C8Inspect if not yet the case -- alternative to
      opens the job on C8Inspect if it has already been uploaded

The end-user (e.g. Designer)...

  • Receives an Email the very first time a PCB manufacturer introduces him as a contact on the C8Inspect platform (one-time event)
  • Clicks the Email link to the C8Inspect portal, creates his personal account with Email and password and completes the registration procedure
  • Will be advised via an Email with a link each time a PCB manufacturer assigns him as the contact for a job.
  • Simply clicks this Email link, enters his credentials (Email address & password) on the C8Inspect portal and is granted access to the job data

C8Inspect in a nutshell…

  • Easy-to-use tool for sharing and viewing PCB manufacturing data and QED PDF analysis results
  • Free-of-charge
  • Cloud-based so running in a browser - no extra software required for viewing the data on the client side
  • Usable on PC, laptop or handheld devices – information universally available and always close at hand
  • Does not require Ucamco to provide access – all is done on-line by the users directly
  • Makes communication between the different parties efficient and direct

    Check out the C8Inspect introduction videos on and YouTube

QED Ring Analysis per tool function

  • QED Ring analysis values split up and reported separately for
    • Component holes
    • Via holes
    • Laservia holes
    • Mechanical holes

Enhancements – Miscellaneous

Non-ascii characters in filenames (like Ü or Ė or Japanese/Chinese characters...) are no longer replaced with underscores but displayed the way they are present in the incoming archive

  • QED PDF report available with Japanese localization

  • Improved recognition and better support for stackup and aperture list information in Japanese language

  • Added support for automatic input of Posalux drill files

  • Added support for drill files mixing Posalux and Excellon commands

Code fixes

Integr8tor v2019.07 also features the following code fixes and enhancements…

  • An issue has been fixed with the visualization of zero-sized draws in the SWF images shown in Cockpit

  • In the context of Ustack, empty data exchange directories could be created. This has been corrected and is no longer the case

  • Tray scripts attached to a terminal tray where output files are generated were executed after this output had been produced, which could lead to undesirable results. Now the tray scripts are executed before output takes place

  • The tray script function “I8Job.jobChangeLocation()” had stopped working. This functionality to move a job from one tray to another from within script has now been restored

  • In certain cases, jobs that had been edited in a “To Ucam” session could cause the subsequent Integr8tor process to “terminate unexpectedly”. This problem has been addressed

  • Specific code pages in use on the Integr8tor server could cause the generated SSX files for the Ustack link to be corrupt. This is no longer the case

  • ETM layers resulting from the input of an IPC-D-356B file could cause an inconsistency in the number of layers in the job. As they are not relevant for the QED process, these layers are now no longer imported into the Integr8tor job

  • Corrupted incoming archives previously causing a “invalid entry CRC ZipException” are now handled gracefully and will no longer cause the process to crash

Install v2019.07

Integr8tor v2019.07 is now available for download from

We recommend installing this update at your earliest convenience
For any further questions you may have, please contact our local business partner or the Ucamco helpdesk
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