Hotfolder Input Automation


  • Automated input of job archives (ZIP, RAR, etc …) into Integr8tor
  • Multiple data-entry directories set up side by side on the Integr8tor server, each associated to a specific customer and incorporating his default custom parameters for job processing (solder mask colour, surface finish, thickness…)
  • All hotfolders are scanned permanently for incoming job archives
  • Dropping a job archive in a customer’s hotfolder triggers Integr8tor to pick it up, assign it to the correct customer, apply his default custom parameters and process it fully automatically


  • Automation - 24/7 unattended job submits to Integr8tor
  • Integration – Management Information Systems (e.g. ERP) can drop incoming archives into the correct customer-specific Integr8tor hotfolder
  • Promptness - Archives get picked up and processed by Integr8tor automatically – no delays caused by operators being tied up with something else
  • Speed - Timely analysis results and shorter response time to the RFQ
Integr8tor Hotfolder setup