External Scripting - Level 1

Systems Integration & Communication

  • an external system (ERP, PPS, Customer Web Application,…) to move an Integr8tor job to a new tray
  • an external system to delete an Integr8tor job from the job queue
  • an external system to change a job queue characteristics for an existing job (prio, tray,…)
  • an external system to abort a running job
  • an external system to inquire about the status of an Integr8tor job (available, running, completed, stopped)
  • to execute a customer script that has been attached to a tray when an integr8tor job enters this tray
  • to perform some logistic actions like sending Emails from out of Integr8tor, do data management (FTP, directly in the file system…)
  • External systems are granted access to the Integr8tor environment via an http command set