External Scripting


  • External scripting offers a set of programming tools to influence the way a data set is processed within the Integr8tor workflow
  • The complete module is built up of 3 levels, each addressing a different aspect of the Integr8tor workflow control
    • Level 1 - Systems Integration & Communication (9646949)
    • Level 2 - Job Flow Control (9680089)
    • Level 3 - Hypertool for Integr8tor

The functionality of the levels is incremental: level 2 includes the functionality from level 1; level 3 includes the functionality from level 1 and level 2


  • Full Automation: external scripting minimizes the need for operator decisions on special cases in the Integr8tor workflow. More jobs run through fully automatically without human intervention and as a result quotation information and CAM data arrive in the relevant departments in a timely manner
  • Systems Integration: external scripting allows other information systems in the company to tie in with Integr8tor. The knowledge about orders, jobs, delivery,… is shared between several business-critical applications, ranging from Web Portal over ERP to Production and Planning systems. The entire business flow becomes more integrated and therefore smoother
  • Scalability: the incremental levels of scripting respond t0 every need, from basic to highly sophisticated. They allow the automation to grow along with the business