Etch-Compensated Perspective


  • The Etch-Compensated perspective adds an etch compensation value to all features on the designated copper layers
  • All analysis data in this perspective is based on the increased copper sizes
  • Default etch compensation values for outer and inner layers can be embedded in the Integr8tor workflow
  • An extra section in Layer Structure Editor allows to change the default values in case of more complex buildups with multiple plating cycles for the same copper layer
  • Etch compensation values can be entered in MM or MIL, depending on preference


  • Manufacturability: view the job and the analysis results based on the compensated copper features in DFM Classes, DFM Review or Checkpoint and find out with ease what the impact of the applied compensation will be on the etching process
  • Manufacturability: reveals potential issues involved in compensating non-parallel copper edges
  • Automation: for every job submitted, the Etch-compensated Perspective automatically applies the desired compensation values to the copper layers – No need to do anything extra
  • Consistency: if a manual operator intervention has an impact on the design analysis results, the relevant data in the Etch-compensated Perspective is updated automatically and selectively
  • Compatibility: the PCB layout data with the Etch-compensated features can be exported to DPF, ODB++ or Gerber for further processing on any CAM system