DPF Object links


DPF External Links is a powerful new feature that transparently propagates any changes to your coupon definitions or single image data sets onto existing panels, without the need for a manual intervention on a workstation. Depending on the level of security you have chosen, the system can update these data for you silently, or wait for the explicit approval or instruction of an operator to do so. PCB dimensional and time-stamp checking are an integral part of this exciting new feature’s built-in security.


  • Automatically updates coupon or single image data on an existing panel

  • Available for SmartPlot Standalone and SmartPlot Server environments


  • Reduced risk of last-minute single image changes not being taken into account at the time of plotting films
  • Configurable level of automation: from fully automatic and transparent to the user over “operator-supervised” to “operator-triggered”
  • PCB size and DPF file time-stamp checking ensure panel integrity
  • No manual operation required to update the panel with the latest modifications in the single image data
  • Newly created targets on your panel overlays automatically become available in existing panels
  • Easier revision control