DFM Classes


  • Translates the Integr8tor design analysis results to the production capabilities and combines them into a Design For Manufacturability (DFM) assessment
  • Produces an easy-to-understand color-coded table: orange cells indicate a value out of range – green cells indicate the design analysis value is within range of the given DFM Class
  • Places a DFM assessment table on the QED PDF report
  • Adds the DFM assessment information to the Integr8tor QED XML output
  • DFM classes are customer-defined and unlimited in number E.g. 
    • Easy
    • Standard
    • Difficult
    • Demanding
  • All Integr8tor design analysis properties(1) as well as customer-defined properties(2) are available for use in the DFM assessment
    E.g. (1):
    • Number of layers
    • Minimal track
    • Minimal gap
    • Smallest drill hole

        E.g. (2) If the product is IPC-A-610 Class3 then DFM class always “Demanding”


  • Saves time: no need to go through all values of a design analysis to find out whether a board is difficult or easy to make
  • Easy reading: color-coding mechanism shows at a glance where the bottlenecks are
  • Customer feedback: DFM Classes provides a solid basis for recommendations to your customer, who may rework the design to obtain higher production yields and a more competitive price offer
  • Excellent aid for CAM: provides a head start in CAM for DRC and repair later when the quotation has become an order
  • Easy setup and maintenance: just specify your DFM rule set and an experienced Ucamco professional can set up, install and maintain the module remotely for you.
  • Tailor-made for your environment: DFM Classes simulate your capabilities to the full, with your choice of DFM criteria and granularity for defining the DFM classes