Backdrill support


  • Automatic recognition of PCBs requiring backdrilling
  • Automatic assignment of the “backdrill” function to the different drill layers in the job
  • Automated drill span assignment (from-to) for all backdrilling programs
  • Sophisticated and comprehensive QED backdrill analysis and QED report extensions to flag inconsistencies in the backdrill data:
    • Min clearance copper to backdrill
    • Backdrill annular ring detection
    • Detailed images


  • Automation: fully automated solution for an otherwise intricate and error-prone task: the manual set-up of as many as 20 backdrill files or more in a product is not an evident thing to do
  • Ease-of-use: software recognizes backdrilled products and takes care of the complex drill layer setup – no additional skills or knowledge required
  • Accurate quoting: backdrilling is an important cost driver; missing it during quotation is a costly oversight