Auto Reference


  • AutoReference reads in one of the following netlist formats
    • IPC-D-356A (9646601A)
    • IPC-D-356B (9646601C)
    • Mentor Neutral Format (9646601B)
    • DPF (9646601E)
    • ODB++ (9646601D)
    • Bosch (9646601F)
  • It sets aside this information as the “golden” netlist for the PCB
  • In the absence of an external netlist, AutoReference extracts one itself, based on the PCB image data and again sets it aside as the golden netlist
  • At various points during the AutoCAM process, AutoReference builds the netlist of the job in progress and compares it to the golden netlist information
  • Any deviation in the electrical connectivity of the board is reported as part of the AutoCAM report


  • Security: golden netlist data is a premium tool in safeguarding against unwanted modifications to the layout.
  • Security: using an external golden netlist even adds an extra level: it captures problems introduced during data output on CAD and data input on CAM
  • Automation: every job coming out of AutoReference is netlist-certified automatically – No need to do anything extra
  • Consistency: AutoReference is integrated in the workflow – the process is always carried out in the same consistent manner – No risk of forgetting
  • Clarity: netlist inconsistency warnings can be configured to appear on any report for fast retrieval and easy consultation