Gerber X2 Input

  • Gerber version 2, or “X2”. A new version of the standard CAD-to-CAM data transfer format. The file format specification can be downloaded using this link.
  • Adds a wealth of attributes to speed up the CAM work.
  • Compatible. No change in the image representation with Gerber version 1.
  • The new X2 features are supported in this UcamX release: capturing stackup information. Upon input into UcamX of a Gerber X2 data set, the job buildup is created automatically. Ask your customers for X2.
  • Supported already by various software manufacturers including KiCad, DipTrace, Altium, Pulsonix, Graphicode, LPKF, Macaos

Automates the laborious task of finding out the layers’ functions and positions from an external document and building the stack by hand

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