UcamX v2021.12

UcamX v2021.12

We proudly present the latest version of our groundbreaking CAM software for Rigid, Flex and HDI PCBs.

Upgrade now to enjoy all the new exciting functionalities!


Extensions to
YELO Adjusters

Rout Manager

Overlap Creation

DXF Input

Support for new

YELO Copper Adjuster


  • New copper adjustment of non-plated holes and non-plated slots
  • Avoids manual handling in CAM
  • Less intervention in production

    (Additions to existing Copper Adjuster license)

YELO Legend Adjuster  


  • One click to specify if the text line width should be scaled at the same time as all text size.
  • No time-waste for adapting aperture sizes

    (Additions to existing Legend Adjuster license)

YELO Mask Adjuster  


  • New adjustment of mask for non-plated holes
  • Automatic correction in case of wrong openings 
  • Option : “Ignore rings bigger than set value”

    (Available to customers under maintenance and with the existing Soldermask Optimizer license)  

Mask Adjuster GUI Overview

DXF Input


  • Support for ELLIPSE and SPLINE added to DXF Input
  • Handle a bigger variety of DXF files 

    (Additions to existing DXF input license)

Rout Manager

Optimization of Insert Overlap

  • The position of the overlap is now selectable via mouse click
  • Higher flexibility to create overlaps

    (Additions to existing license)

Transform Objects


  • UNDO/REDO now available for corner modifications in the BGA Tracks tab of Transform Objects
  • Easier handling on inserting Chamfer, Fillet and Round 
  • Check a possible modification and UNDO if it does not fit the requirements

    (Additions to existing license)

Inkjet Output

New Output

  • New inkjet output for Sprint machine

    (New option)

ODB++ Output


  • A new option in the CAD resource file: output arcs in the job outline layer either as true arcs or approximated by straight lines

  • Work around limitations of software that cannot handle arcs in the ODB++ profile

    (Additions to existing ODB++ Output license)

And more ...

UcamX v2021.12 comes with a host of fixes for issues you have cared to report.

Please keep on doing so. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

Thank you!

Install v2021.12

The installer can be downloaded from the Ucamco FTP download server. As most internet browsers have stopped supporting FTP download, we recommend that you use an FTP client to do so.

We recommend installing this update at your earliest convenience.

For any further questions you may have, please contact our local business partner or the
Ucamco helpdesk.

We thank you for choosing a Ucamco product.

Detailed demo

The video below provides a more technical, in-depth look at the newest version of UcamX. Click play to start the video, or watch it directly on our YouTube channel

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