Drill Tool Compensated Perspective


  • The Drill Tool Compensated perspective automates the calculation of drill tool sizes based on your own rules, practices and sophistication
  • Perspective in which the job analysis is done using drill tool diameters rather than customer finished hole sizes in order to establish the available tolerances in production
  • It allows for additional input parameters at Job submit time, necessary to convert finished sizes to drill tool sizes automatically
    • Tool Diameter Adjustment (vhs) – incorporate your own UcamX VHS scripts to calculate the required drill tool diameter based on the size, function and characteristics of the hole diameter
    • Tolerance File – set up a generic or customer-specific hole tolerance file and take into account the requested plus and minus tolerances to exactly calculate the correct drill tool diameter
    • Tool Table – post-adjust the calculated tool diameter to cater for certain types of surface finish like hot-air solder leveling
  • In combination with the Drill Tool Compensated perspective, Drill Editor features an additional section where the results of Integr8tor’s automatic drill tool analysis can be completed or corrected:
    • (Re)define via holes
    • Define via hole filling
    • Define pressfit holes
    • Set up or adjust unsymmetrical drill hole tolerances
    • …..

    Any of these characteristics can then be queried to calculate the correct drill tool diameter

  • Additional Drill Editor toolbar allows to change the initial choice of Tool Diameter Adjustment script, Tolerance Table or Tool Table and to recalculate the new tool diameter in real time.


  • Manufacturability: view the job and the analysis results with the modified drill tool diameters in DFM Classes, DFM Review or Checkpoint and find out with ease how tight your manufacturing tolerances really are
  • Versatility: the Drill Tool Compensated Perspective produces a valuable, drill-oriented view on the job, offering Engineering or CAM departments a timely alert to anticipate to potential restring or critical registration issues
  • Automation: for every job submitted, the Drill Tool Compensated Perspective automatically calculates the correct drill tool sizes – No need to do anything extra

  • Consistency: customer rules for drill tool calculation are embedded within Integr8tor, ensuring consistent results time after time, regardless of the skills level of an operator
  • Customization: use VHS scripting within the Drill Tool Compensated Perspective to fully mold the drill tool calculation rules to your own practices and specific production requirements
  • Sophistication: combine all three – VHS Script, Tolerance tables and Tool Tables – to reach the highest levels of sophistication in your calculation rules
  • Compatibility: all tool-related data from the Drill Tool Compensated Perspective is transferrable to UcamX for further use in Drill Tool Manager. Any changes made there will flow back to Integr8tor transparently
  • Compatibility: Drill Tool Compensated PCB layout data can be exported to DPF, ODB++ or Gerber for further use on any CAM system