Concurrent Workflows


  • Enables Integr8tor to process several job archives simultaneously
  • Unleashes full number-crunching power by addressing multiple Integr8tor server cores
  • Customer-configurable: add 1, 2, 3, … concurrent workflows depending on your server hardware and the number of requests for quotation coming in
  • Fully transparent: submit jobs like on a single workflow system and let the intelligent Integr8tor scheduler take care of how to best organize the work for optimum results


  • Throughput – doubles/triples/… the amount of jobs processed in the same period of time
  • Scalability – add additional Integr8tor concurrent workflows as your business is expanding and the need arises
  • Responsiveness – stay on top of the incoming RFQ’s – no matter how many - and be the first to respond to your customer’s inquiry