• AutoRebuild restores the intelligence lost in translation from CAD to CAM
    • PadMaker: replaces the painted pads from the incoming data with flashed pads
    • RegionMaker: converts painted areas to contour areas
    • AutoReverse: switches the polarity of copper layers in which the data describes clearances in the copper rather than the copper itself
    • AutoMarkup: Copper pads and drill tools are marked with designated attributes so that their further processing later on in CAM can be done more intelligently
      Copper pads: SMD pads, BGA pads, Component pads, Via Pads, Fiducial pads …
      Drill tools: Component hole, Non-plated hole, Via hole,…
  • AutoRebuild exports an enhanced version of the input data to DPF, Gerber or ODB++ for further processing on CAM


  • Reduced CAM time: starting from the optimized data from AutoRebuild, CAM processing times may drop by up to 30% and more
  • Data optimization: RegionMaker and PadMaker substantially reduce the amount of data. Less data means faster software response times
  • Improved User Experience: faster software response times causes less CAM operator idle time and vastly contributes to a more pleasant user experience
  • Automation: the intelligence introduced by AutoMarkup allows for smarter and much more sophisticated automation on CAM. A wide range of CAM functionality like DRC, Repair, drill tool compensation, etch compensation, solder mask optimization… stands to benefit from the additional AutoMarkup information in an AutoRebuilt data set
  • Security: AutoRebuilt is backed up by powerful netlist and image comparison tools to guarantee absolute data integrity