• Fully automatic data input with built-in feedback mechanism to document any anomalies detected
  • Conversion of Gerber 274X and 274D, DPF, ODB++, Excellon and Sieb und Meyer image & drill formats
  • Automatic detection of:
    - Layer polarity
    - Buried & Blind drill sequences
    - Plated & non-plated drill holes
    - Outlines
  • Automatic stackup recognition with self-learning abilities
  • Automatic Layer Registration
  • Automatic Layer renaming to company’s layer naming convention
  • Lightweight, Intuitive and easy-to-use interactive tools for problem-solving


  • Productivity – unparalleled hit rate for fully automatic input of customer data with zero operator intervention
  • Unattended operation – automated workflow system – just set up the queue of job archives that need to be processed and leave the system to crunch its way through, regardless of working hours or weekends
  • Efficiency – intelligent scheduler makes sure that “easy” jobs are processed with priority, so the early results of those are readily available and quotation can start promptly
  • Traceability – incomplete or corrupted job archives or jobs with other problems are set aside for later review with a clear documentation of the problem, as Integr8tor moves on to the next job in line
  • Documentation – realistic and scalable images of both the full PCB and the individual layers after input make a valued addition for the sales engineer preparing the quotation