• AutoClean automatically performs a host of data clean-up and adjustment functions, which would otherwise be part of the job preparation in CAM
    • Double drill hole removal
    • Pre-drill hole removal
    • Removal of non-functional pads on inner layers
    • Removal of Copper pads on non-plated drill hole locations
    • Aligning drill holes to copper pads
    • Split mixed drill layers into separate plated and non-plated drill layers
    • Intelligent removal of data outside of the board outline, including clipping of data elements that are partly inside partly outside
    • Removal of the board outline, drawn in the copper layers
  • All AutoClean options are individually settable and most of them have additional parameters to influence their behavior
  • AutoClean exports an enhanced version of the input data to DPF, Gerber or ODB++ for further processing on CAM


  • Reduced CAM time: starting from the optimized data from AutoClean, CAM processing times may drop by up to 30% and more
  • Improved User Experience: CAM operators receive a data set that is already in optimum shape for starting the real CAM work. The tedious work of cleaning up has already been done for them
  • Less automation required: the sophisticated algorithms from AutoClean do away with the need for writing one’s own data clean-up scripts
  • Consistency: data is always cleaned using the same, secure methodology. The quality of the result is constant and unrelated to any human knowledge or skill level
  • Security: AutoClean’s embedded checking and verification tools ensure full data integrity of the exported layout data