Altium PCB Input Connector


  • Input of Altium Designer CAD database files (.pcbdoc files)
  • Incoming pcbdoc files are forwarded transparently to an Altium Designer software package (not included) and converted on the fly
  • The resulting Ucamco-certified Gerber X2 files return to Integr8tor for QED analysis - no questions asked – all information is in X2
  • Different cockpit clients can submit pcbdoc archives at the same time Integr8tor takes care of the queue management towards Altium


  • Customer loyalty: grow market share by accepting your customers’ preferred data input format
  • Cost-effictiveness: take the Altium Designer software you may already have in house anyway, and let Integr8tor make use of it
  • Security: Altium PCB Input Connector instructs Altium Designer which conversion options to use for the optimum result
  • Ease-of-use: completely transparent to the end-user/sales person. No special skills or knowledge required
  • Automation: fully automated solution for processing pcbdoc files into Integr8tor