SEC - Secure Etch Compensation


  • Clearance specification between all opject types 
  • Different copper spread for Pads, SMDs, Tracks and regions
  • Heighten priority of SMDs, Pads and Tracks over Regions when activating "Shift to region"
  • Uncluttered comfortable GUI
  • Fast settings via Parameter Sets
  • Optional Horn compensation 
  • Additional security via Backup of source layers 


  • Slash setup-time using parameter sets based on e.g. copper thickness or customer specifications 
  • Perfect retracting of modifications made by SEC saving them within the job data. Easily return to the original data 
  • Higher yield due to special treatment of critical objects by optional Horn compensation
  • Fabricate denser geometries 
  • Simple way to exclude texts, logos or impedance traces from compensation
  • Improving your etching results, saving money while increasing quality