Enhanced Construction Editor


  • A lot of additional features in Edit - Toolbox:
    • insert a draw which is a bisector of 2 selected draws, a number of connected draws, 
      a draw as a tangent of 2 circles, a draw as a tangent of an arc, a draw as an orthogonal
      draw with respect to a selected draw, duplicate an existing draw as a parallel draw at
      a specified distance 
    • insert similar arc with smaller/bigger diameter, a full arc in between 2 selected tangent lines, 
      a full arc in between 3 selected tangent lines, similar full arc with smaller/bigger diameter
    • delete selected objects, an indicated object, the indicated segment of an object, 
      the indicated segment of an object 
  • Toolbox available as a tab inside of Rout Manager
  • New features in Rout Manager - Tools 
    • Select overlapping chain
  • Outstanding cleanup tools like
    • Reconstruct Arcs, Validate Arcs, Remove Small Objects, Connect Objects, Remove Redundant Objects


  • Time saving features especially for rout creation 
  • Direct access to all features needed for construction 
  • Uncluttered GUI
  • Unrivaled cleanup features