Ucamco Release Overview


UcamX v2023.01

YELO Mask Adjuster extensions, Object Summary Table, Magnifier II, Rout Manager, Input GDSII, SmartTest, CAD Output Gerber X2/X3, Input Drill/Rout, Check for update.


UcamX v2022.09

Extensions to YELO Mask Adjuster, Optimized test point generation Standardized settings


UcamX v2022.06

Extensions to YELO Mask Adjuster, Shortcut for
snap to outlineSupport for DPMX Revision C


UcamX v2021.12

Extensions to all YELO Adjusters, New Inkjet Output, ODB++ optimization, DXF Input extension


UcamX v2021.04

Size reduction in SEC, Extensions to all YELO Adjusters, Optimized Netlist, New Ledia Output for UcamX in Java 8 and Java 11

Dec 2020

UcamX v2020.12

 DPMX Import, Text Updater, Line width adjustment in YELO Legend Adjuster, Via pad stack move in YELO Copper Adjuster

Mar 2020

UcamX v2020.03

Upgraded to Java 11, New Select Painted algorithm, New YELO functionality, Gerber X3 input (component information)

Aug 2019

UcamX v2019.08

Keyboard Shortcuts, Plane Focus Indicator, Maintenance update

Apr 2019

UcamX v2019.04

YELO Combined GUI for all copper layers, New YELO functionality, Rout Manager enhancements

Nov 2018

UcamX v2018.10

Query Component, Read Component information from ODB++

Jun 2018

UcamX v2018.06

Save jobs by creating archives, free trial period of all YELO modules

Mar 2018

UcamX v2018.03

Eagle input with proportional font, Scaled line width in Silk optimizer, Introduction of YELO Signal Layer Adjuster

Oct 2017

UcamX v2017.10

New insert Arc command, Improved Sieb&Meyer rout import

Apr 2017

UcamX v2017.04

Performance boost DRC copper-cut-ins, Improved "Select Painted" feature

Jun 2016

UcamX v2016.06

 Maintenance update

Jan 2016

UcamX v2016.01

Background output, Parallelized image compare

April 2015

UcamX v2015.04

Load balanced sessions, Gerber X2 Input support